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Property Management

Your home is a major investment and in todays market it is quite possible that you have two homes whether it is due to being under water on your current home, you have been transferred to a new location for work, or you are thinking your current home is where you would like to return to in a few years.

We understand these situations and offer a full service property management and can cater that level to your exact needs.

We Offer:

1. We can find you a tenant- We will market your home for rent and review the applications as they come in with you as well as run credit and background checks.

2. We will fill out a lease and review it with you.

3. Collect the rent.

4. Property inspections to make sure your tenant is maintaining the home and make sure there are no repair issues that need addressing.

5. Take care of any repair issues.

6. Deposit your rent into your bank account as well as provide a monthly ledger of rent and show any expenses for that month.

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